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What we are

We're a private VPN - plain and simple. We're a small network of people that live too far apart to connect to a local lan yet want to play games and share files like gamers of old.

Basically, you find some old games that support 'lan' play, log on with your friends wherever they may be, and play those games. Not much else to it.

What we aren't

We're not a privacy service or a service designed to get around internet restrictions. Traffic going through this VPN is not routed to the internet. This service is designed only for the sake of routing traffic between fellow VPN users.

Registration / Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions and registration is managed from our sister domain on

Click here to read our terms of service and register for access.

How to get in

All major platforms supported.


After registering, click the text link above that matches your platform for a guide on how to install, configure, and connect to GTVPN.